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Fic : Dinner Date

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Aug. 8th, 2014 | 03:36 pm

Title: Dinner Date
Author: majorrogue
Pairing, Character(s): Gail Peck and Holly Stewart from Rookie Blue
Word Count: 1,374
Rating: PG
Spoilers: None, pretty much all made up
Summary: What I think would or could have happened at Gail and Holly’s dinner date. Set and written after Rookie Blue episode 510

Gail stood in front of Holly's front door ready to knock. She was far more nervous than she thought she'd be, after all this is what she wanted, it's why she had bared her soul to Holly a few weeks ago, okay maybe not bared her soul but she had certainly admitted some things to Holly that she hadn't even done with Nick and she was going to marry him, all Holly had done was say goodnight and walk away.

She took a deep breath, looked down at herself to make sure she looked okay and knocked on the door.

After a couple of seconds Holly opened the door, she had her hair pulled back and her glasses on top of her head. She greeted Gail with a wide smile


"Hey" Gail replied

Holly laughed a little "hey, come in" she said moving so Gail could walk passed her. she knew lots of people said 'hey' to each other, but her and Gail saying it to each other all the time and now them saying it like nothing had changed just made her happy.

As they walked into the kitchen Gail raised a box she was holding in her hand "You said you had wine so I bought some cupcakes" she shrugged and placed them on the counter

"Cupcakes?" Holly looks surprised, she didn't think cupcakes would be Gail's style. She started to open the box

"Yeah, I saw them in a bakery when I was on patrol the other day..." Gail said somewhat absently as she walked away from the kitchen to where the dining table was laid out for two.

"Erm..." Holly looked at Gail quizzically. Gail turned towards her

"Oh yeah, that one’s mine" she said before Holly could even say anything

Holly smiled as she looked back at one of the cakes in the box that had at least four finger scoops taken out of the icing. "Couldn’t wait huh?" Holly folded the lid back on the box and put it out of the way as Gail shrugged

"Do you want to take your coat off?" Holly asked as she passed Gail to put a huge bowl of salad on the table

Gail looked down, she really must be nervous. "Sure" she said as she took it off and went to hang it up by the front door

"You okay? You seem a little distracted, was it a tough day?” Holly asked

“No not really, normal day….” Gail said walking back to the table. She couldn’t take her mind off how this dinner could go in a number of different directions.

"You remembered that I'm not a woodland animal, right?" Gail said pointing at the salad

Holly smiled again and laughed, she really wasn’t over her ex. "I know, that's why I did a bit of experimenting. Sit" she gestured to the table.

Gail gave her a sceptical look but sat anyway "The words food and experimenting should not be in the same sentence" she said as she watched Holly place a large bowl of.... Something on the table. Gail looked at it for a while desperately trying to figure out what it was "okay I give up, what is that meant to be?"

Holly look slightly offended as she sat opposite Gail "It’s jambalaya"

“Did you drop it?”

Holly tilted her head at Gail “It’s meant to look like that”


“Just eat it” Holly said spooning some onto Gail’s plate, she did the same with her own plate and added some salad too.

Gail took a bite and made a face that holly took to mean it was good, she smiled and took a bite herself "So, I don't know whether we should talk now or later or..?"

Gail looked up from her food, swallowed and set her fork down, she took a few seconds and then said "The stuff that happened in The Penny ....." Gail started "That..... There's" she took a breath "..... I don't know if you heard about an incident a month or so ago ..... There was a woman who got shot in her laundry room...."

"Yeah I did hear about it, I heard you found her"

"I did....." Gail looked down at her food and took a deep breath "I also found her daughter...... Sophie"

Holly nodded and watched Gail, she wasn't sure why she was telling her this

"Since her mother died, I've been spending time with her... Sophie.... And she's a great kid y'know, a lot of fun, quite cheeky" Gail smiled at the thought "she doesn't have any family who can take care of her......"

"That's terrible, the poor girl"

Gail nodded with a sad smile "I didn't think I was going to see you again Holly, not after I.... Said all that stuff at the station and you just.... You just walked away...."

"Gail I.."

"I've been making plans" Gail interrupted

"Plans?" Holly frowned

"To ..... adopt Sophie" Gail was gripping her hands under the table waiting for what she had just told Holly to sink in.

"Adopt... " Holly said quietly almost to herself "Gail.....?" She frowned

"Look, I know this could ....... This could be the breaker, that's why the other stuff doesn't really matter, the penny stuff..."

"Gail that is a big .... BIG step....."

Gail hummed her agreement as she bit down on her bottom lip. She could see the wheels turning in Holly's mind as they sat in silence for quite a while.

Holly shook her head to herself and took a sip of her wine, she looked at Gail and smiled a little then looked at her food still thinking

"Soooo, is this it?" Gail asked not knowing what Holly must be thinking. She didn't want this to end, she didn't want to have to try and forget about Holly again, but she wouldn’t be budged on the adoption

Holly shook her head "I don't know Gail, this ..... Isn’t something ........" She carried on shaking her head "The long haired Officer Peck I met in the woods would never have even thought about adopting a child...."

"I know, but I've changed since then...... You've changed me......"

Holly met Gail's eyes and could see the sincerity in them.

"I can see that......" Holly reached her hand across the table towards Gail "But honey, do you really think this is a good idea? How much experience do you have with children?"

"As much as anyone" Gail answered defensively "I used to baby sit when I was younger and....."

"Babysit?" Holly shook her head "Gail that's like saying you want to join law enforcement because you used to play cops and robbers as a child. Your job is not 9 to 5, you have shifts and.... And it's dangerous"

"You think I don't know that? Do you think I haven't thought about that? It's just a job Holly, if the adoption people don't like it then I can get a transfer or .... get another job" Gail stood up "look thanks for the food, but I didn't come here for advise...." She started to walk away. Holly quickly stood and grabbed Gail's arm

"Gail wait.... You would be willing to leave the police force?"

"Yeah" Gail shrugged "it's just a job"

"It's your family’s legacy..." Holly realised just how serious Gail must be if she was willing to break the Peck family tradition for this child....

Gail shrugged again "It's that or a kids future, Sophie deserves more than being passed around foster homes for the next 10 years, she’s been through enough already and if I can help her and give her a better chance ....." Gail moved to leave again

“Don’t go” Holly smiled “at least stay for cake”

Gail had forgotten about the cakes she’d bought “Okay”

Holly moved into the kitchen, got out two plates and placed two of the cupcakes on them. She walked past Gail to the sofa, placed Gail’s cake on the coffee table in front of it and sat at one end. She looked up at Gail expectantly and smiled. Gail found it quite difficult to resist Holly normally, but Holly and a cake meant she could do nothing but follow her and sit down.


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